Shure VP83 (攝錄機收音咪 / DV microphone)


Shure VP83 and VP83F LensHopper Microphones

Compact and rugged, for high-definition audio capture. The VP83F has an added recording facility, with DSLR cameras and HD camcorders.


Shure VP83 LensHopper™超緊湊和堅固結構的話筒,配合單反相機和攝像機使用,讓您能夠輕鬆捕捉細膩的高清晰音頻。便於操作的低切濾波器和三檔增益控制部件,可針對不同錄音環境進行調節。




  • 細膩高分辨率音頻,飽滿的低頻響應,專業效果志在必得。
  • 靈敏度高,自身噪聲低,頻率範圍寬,再現自然音質。
  • 指向性極強的超心形/葉形拾音模式可抑制多餘的離軸噪音,清晰捕捉目標聲源。
  • 出色的射頻抗擾能力,可有效杜絕來自手機和射頻設備的無用雜音
  • 話筒後方提供便於操作的控制部件,包括:
    • 三檔增益(-10 dB衰減、0¬、+20 dB增強),高效補償不同錄音環境
    • 低切濾波器,有效消除背景噪聲干擾和室內環境聲音(亦帶開關功能)
  • 使用1節AA鹼性電池(內附)可連續工作130小時



  • 集成Rycote® Lyre®減震架系統,可有效隔離振動和機械噪聲。攜手Rycote®專門為VP83量身打造。
  • 超輕耐用的全金屬結構,完全符合頗具傳奇色彩的舒爾品質標準。
  • 集成3.5 mm音頻接頭,可快速連接相機或錄音設備。
  • 標準尺寸熱靴支架,帶有1/4英寸螺紋底座,既可供相機使用,也可輕鬆安裝到支架上。
  • 含泡沫防風罩,有效減少無用風噪,音質不受絲毫影響。另外提供Windjammer®皮質配件。



  • 泡沫防風罩
  • 1節AA電池

The ultra-compact VP83 LensHopper™ is an all-in-one solution for capturing detailed, high-definition audio with full low-end response for professional results every time. For use with DSLR cameras and HD camcorders, the VP83 features a rugged build and true-to-life audio quality, expertly combining form and function. Its easily accessible controls enable quick adjustments for different recording environments.

The VP83 includes:

  • 1 AA alkaline battery for 130 hours of battery life
  • Integrated 3.5 mm gold-plated audio connector output cable for quick connection to camera or recording device
  • Standard size shoe mount with a 1/4″ threaded base for on-camera use or easy mounting on a stand
  • Foam windscreen (Windjammer® available separately)


  • Exceptional Audio Performance with User-Friendly Controls

    • High sensitivity and low self-noise with wide frequency range for natural audio reproduction
    • Highly directional supercardioid / lobar polar pattern that rejects unwanted off-axis audio while clearly capturing the intended sound source
    • Superior RF immunity that avoids unwanted audio artifacts from cellular and RF devices
    • Easily accessible controls at the back of the microphone:
      • Three-position gain (-10 dB pad, 0, +20 dB boost) to compensate for different recording environments
      • Low-cut filter to eliminate background noise and room ambience

    Durable and Lightweight

    • Integrated Rycote® Lyre® shock mounting system that provides robust isolation from vibration and mechanical noise (exclusively developed with Rycote for the VP83)
    • Durable, all-metal construction that meets legendary Shure quality standards in an ultra-lightweight design

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