Soundcraft M12 mixer


Soundcraft M12 12 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 4 Stereo Returns Mixer

Soundcraft SPIRIT-M12
Through a fresh and innovative approach, Soundcraft designers have created a mixer that rivals the sonic performance of many high end live consoles. Attention to detail in the design of the Spirit M Series makes mixing a positive pleasure. A no-compromise approach to circuit design and to the quality of the components throughout has resulted in a console that delivers exceptionally low noise and crosstalk figures. Mic and line inputs are provided on balanced XLR and 1/4″ jack connectors for optimum performance, with the main stereo outputs on balanced XLRs for better integration with other professional equipment. There are also insert points on every mono channel and the mix outputs for external signal processing.

Live sound reinforcement requires different mixes – a stereo master mix for the audience and one or more monitor mixes for the performers on stage. The monitor mixes can be set up using Aux 1-4 on the M Series mixer. When a venue uses multiple fill speakers, delay should be added to speakers that are closer to the listener. The direct outputs on the Spirit M Series can be used to record each of the mono input channels to a multitrack recorder. Each direct output can be individually switched to be pre-fade, ensuring the signal at these outputs remains unaffected by any movements of the channel faders during the live performance. Different mixes of the performance can then be made after the event.


  • S/PDIF Digital output
  • Low noise, low distortion and RF rejection mic preamps
  • Great British EQ with HF range improvements
  • Ground tracking architecture minises noise and hum
  • 100mm fader throw
  • Professional grade connections throughout
  • IMaster gain control on all aux busses
  • Switchable direct outputs
  • Intelligent rackmounting system
  • Direct outputs ( pre or post fade ) on all mono channels
  • Signal present and peak LEDs on all input channels
  • Mute and PFL on all input channels
  • 4 Stereo inputs on all variants
  • 4 Stereo returns & return master for FX returns

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