TOA WA-1822 / WA-1822C UHF Wireless Meeting Amplifiers


Portable Wireless Meeting Amplifiers


  • Portable, Self-Contained PA System
  • Wired or Wireless Microphone Options
  • Easy Setup and Operation



    • Handheld, Lapel or Headset Wireless Transmitters (optional)


    • Up to Two WTU-4800 WirelessReceiver Modules  – UHF Diversity, 16 Ch. Frequency-Agile(optional)
    • Auto-Reverse Cassette Player/Recorder (WA-1822C)
    • Lightweight Two-way Enclosure– 8″ Woofer and CD Horn
    • Retractable Handle


    • High Sound Output (20 W)


    • AC or Battery-Powered (8 “D” Cells)
    • Wired Microphone Input


    • Aux Input for external music source
    • Line Output for external PA system
    • External Speaker Output


  • Protective Cover Included


WTU-4800 Wireless Receiver Module (1 per transmitter, 2 max. per WA-1822/C)

WM-5220 Wireless Handheld Microphone

WM-5320 Wireless Lapel Microphone with Bodypack

WM-5310H Wireless Headset Microphone with Bodypack

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你也可能有興趣 :
Samson 的 Expedition 系列是一體式的系統,方便攜帶。
配置2個喇叭+1個mixer,不需專業音響人員,你自己也可 setup 。


Samson Expedition XP150 (流動廣播PA系統連 mixer)
  • Dual Two-Way Speakers
  • 150 Watt Power Amplifier
  • 5 Channel Mixer
  • 3 Mic/Line Inputs


Samson Expedition XP1000 Bluetooth Enabled Portable PA System
  • 1,000W Class D Amplifier
  • 2x Speakers & Removable 10-Channel Mixer
  • 10″ Woofer Per Speaker
  • Supports Bluetooth Streaming Audio

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TOA, 流動擴音機

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