Yamaha LS9 – 16 digital mixer



The surprisingly small size and lightweight of the LS9-16 make it a perfect choice for applications that require maximum portability and handling ease.

  • 16 mono mic/line input and 4 stereo input channels,expandable up to 32 channels in two layers.
  • 16 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, plus stereo and mono buses with LCR mode.
  • Compact and light enough for one person to move and set up easily.(12.0 kg)
  • Virtual Rack packed with effects and EQ for just about any processing requirements.




Compact and Lightweight

Although it has high-end digital mixer features, sound, and operability, the LS9 can be comfortably carried and set up by one person. The 32-channel LS9-16 with 16 mic/line inputs weighs just 12 kilograms, while the 64-channel LS9-32 with 32 mic/line inputs tips the scales at 19.4 kilograms. Both versions offer vast potential for temporary setups at small to mid-size concerts and events, as well as for permanent installation in a variety of venues and facilities. The LS9-32 offers higher input capacity and plenty of mix buses that will easily handle even complex sound reinforcement jobs, while the portability and manageability of the LS9-16 make it ideal for smaller events and live performances.


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